You’re SO stacked…

I’m talking about the pancakes I had this morning, of course!

After taking a second look in my Earth Balance tub, I realized it was moldy. I got scared, quickly removed the “butter” and doused the pancakes in a peanut butter chocolate sauce instead.

Much better! No mold-induced illness in my future!

I used this pancake recipe (using the flax egg and substituting some of the chickpea flour for protein powder) – These were REALLY delicious. And wow – the batter made so much!!

You can bet I licked my plate clean.

Seriously, I did… (I only do this when I’m in the company of myself…. Or people I’m super comfortable with 😉 )

No worries, I won’t embarrass you in public… No public plate licking for moi!

One of the MAIN reasons I made pancakes (besides the fact that they taste real good) is that I recently got an amazing pancake flipping spatula that I couldn’t wait to put to use!!

It’s as big as my face!!!


The tiny spatula is the one I was using before my glorious aqua spancaketula!:

Much better, eh?!?

You know what else was stacked?!?

This veggie burger I had the other day!

How about that for some stacking?!?

Of course, not complete without some yam fries:

WOOPS! I mean:

It’s so clear to me now.. that veggie burgers and yam fries are a winning combination!

Subject change:

Yesterday, I just had this powerful URGE to color. The coloring/drawing I used to do back in elementary school.

I followed my urge, whipped out these babies:

And started to draw… for a good hour and a half or so.

I felt like a kid again, it was wonderful 🙂

I hope the recipients like their home-made colored pencil drawn cards!!

I am feeling so giddy lately – maybe it’s a little summer fever?!?

Makes me want to wear my favorite elephant-patterned dress EVERYDAY!

And paint my nails pink and sparkly!

Life is just great at the moment and I’m so thankful.

Anything you’re thankful for today?

I’m not one to usually get all corny, but I just wanted to say:

Think it's supposed to be all OF you readers... but you get the point!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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7 responses to “You’re SO stacked…

  1. I have two spatulas like that as well. My mom keeps buying them for me. You should try my lime ricotta pancakes, they are THE LIGHTEST, AIRIEST, moist pancakes I’ve ever had in my life. They’re over on my blog. I love myself a stack of pancakes as well.

  2. Lisa

    I love that spatula! I hate it when food, specifically omlettes, breaks or does that awkward one part flipped but the other part didn’t thing. Also, yes I am grown and married, but I still have crayolas and a princess coloring book stashed away for the right moment. We are never too old to color! I like your style.

  3. oh my gosh..i opened my earth balance 2 days ago and saw some mold on the side!! I never use it anymore, I’m more into coconut oil so that is probably why it went moldy. Kind of disappointing. I have yet to throw it away because I didn’t want to waste it, but its black mold..I prob should save myself from getting sick and just chuck it out! Oh and that pancake flipper is amazing!!

    • Yeah there was mold in mine a few weeks ago, i scooped it out (thinking that would be okay) and now it’s moldy again… I haven’t even had it for that long! Bummer. Coconut oil is my go-to as well! I think everyone should have a pancake flipper like that! It works soo well 🙂

  4. superzanne

    How happy you must be about that spatula!!! Holy-moly…Your panckakes look so fluffy and delicious. I love your pictures, even the foggy are so humble.:) And yes, shit works out Ellie, we both agree on that! I’m grateful for you and what you share. Mom xxx

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