Gibelotte pronounced “jjjjjeeblut” (j sound like you would say Raj – you know, from the big bang theory) is a French word meaning rabbit stew with white wine.

But this post has nothing to do with rabbits, or white wine…(Unfortunate about the wine part 😉 I know)

The reason I call this post Gibelotte is because my mom uses the term when she just throws whatever is in the fridge in a pan and cooks it! This is what she calls a Gibelotte, not rabbit stew. She has never made rabbit stew in her life (thank goodness!) In fact, I didn’t even know a gibelotte was a rabbit stew until today! Learn somethin’ new everyday!

She is French Canadian, so maybe it’s a French term turned Quebecois slang,

Anyways, I was almost out of food the other day so I made my own “Gibelotte”…

I was pretty pleased, it turned out quite delicious!

Sauteed onions, mushrooms,frozen peas, and carrots.

Incomplete without some savory trail mix and ketchup on top of course!

I make what my mother calls “gibelottes” quite often. Salad gibelottes, stir fry gibelottes, smoothie gibelottes… It’s a great way to use up the last of your groceries. They all usually taste pretty good! (provided you don’t combine two completely wacky ingredients together)

Chocolate Mushroom Stir Fry Anyone? Sauteed Onion Smoothie?!… You get where I’m going.

Are you a meal planner? Or do you go to the kitchen, check out the fridge, then decide?! Or do you just not cook at all?

I’m curious! Let me know!

Have a wonderful Friday!


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  1. Rabbit stew?? sounds appetizing! I’m a little of both, it all depends on my schedule. The best tasting meals I’ve ever made was throwing things together on a whim

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