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Shit Happens…

Just take a big long whiff.

Do you smell what I smell?!?

Hint: not related to the title of this post.

Ahhhh, the sweet sweet smell of summer break.

I’m officially DONE with exams!

4 months of intellectual freedom..


I seriously love the feeling of the last day of school. It feels the same now that it did back in elementary school. That giddy excited feeling.

Except now to celeberate, instead of buying ice cream cones with friends.

I buy beer.

Goodbye notecards.

Hello Sapporo.

I know I’ve got summer fever when I buy beer. I rarely buy or drink beer. But in the summer, it’s nice once in a while!

I’m more of a red wine gal, though, it’s a good little switch up!

Do I have any beer drinkers out there? What’s your favorite summer drink or cocktail?

My favorite summer cocktail would definitely have to be the Mojito. SO good!

Okay enough about alcohol, I warn you: this post will be pretty random and all over the place… Embrace chaos!

Yesterday, as I was reaching in the fridge for dinner ingredients… I spotted the ring that I had “lost.”

No lie folks, this is where it was.

In the bottom drawer of the fridge! Ha, how bout that!

After tossing over some produce, I was pleasantly pleased!I have no idea how it ended up there (well I do kind of have and idea… it probably slipped off my finger or something and I didn’t notice)

My heart pinkie ring now has a home again!

Yes, my pinkie finger is quite long. Well, not just my pinkie finger, all my fingers. In fact, I just have big hands.

But, you know what they say?! Big hands, warm heart!

Or is it Big hands, big gloves?

Or big hands, big feet?

Or cold hands, warm heart?

Well, either way… It’s a win win win, cause I’ve got big cold hands and feet AND big gloves, so therefore…warm heart?

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I will stop.

Do you maybe want to see my breakfast of champions this morning? It’s a repeat breakie… An oldie but goodie!

These are the Butternut Squash Overnight Oats– except I made them with both steel cut and rolled oats! Just lovely! With maple infused hazelnut butter. Chyeah, it was good.

And you know what else I have been loving lately.


Specifically, on top of spinach.

I had this last night for dinner:

The leftover rice and beans (from the Mexican sushi) with sauteed mushrooms and some salsa on top!

And I just had this incredible salad for lunch:

Spinach topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms + garlic powder, Sweet Potato, Avocado, and Balsamic Vinegar and pepper. Slammin' Combo!

This tasted darn good… The taste might have been enhanced by the fact that all my exams are over… But then again, maybe not… It was really just scrumptious!

I hope you all are having a great day like I am… But if not… Just remember what the wise Forrest Gump once said..

Shit Happens.

And for me, I really believe that:

Shit happens, but shit always works out.

So don’t worry!

And have a wonderful Saturday!



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Falawfully Random Post :)

Hey there folks!

Really late post from me today!

I’ve had a busy day at work, and I’m feeling pretty tired.. (maybe because I didn’t have oatmeal this morning!)

Just got home, and finally had my first proper meal of the day!

Spinach Salad with avocado, red peppers, falafel, and lemon tahini dressing!
Falawfully tasty!

With my absolute favorite drink of all time:

And the most exciting part is this yummy dark chocolate that I bought on sale today! (every time there  is chocolate on sale I buy it… even though I have many unopened bars at home…) Can’t wait to try this one though!!

I also received the most adorable card from my sister who is currently in Tanzania working with a non- profit organization. What a saint!

Isn't that the cutest home-made card ever?!?! Love you Sarah!!

Also, shout out to KU for making it onto the finals! (I hold Kansas near and dear to my heart!)

This is quite an old photo... But I thought it was appropriate to show my KU spirit!!

My boyfriend and I both have Kentucky and KU going in the finals on our brackets!

I have KU winning. He has Kentucky.

It’s ON!

Last but not least, shout out to DDSS for winning your rap battle last night – from your #1 fan… ❤ So proud of you!!!

Random post! Apologies for the A.D.D. ness of this, but for lack of a better term, I am pooped! I feel like I need a NICE LONG nap!

That nap will have to wait… I’m surrounded by long over due laundry, and I’ve gotsa paper ta write!

Wish me luck 😉

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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